Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Dear Beloved,

Beloved, do you feel overworked, run down, stressed, depleted?  How are you coping with your responsibilities as a Mama?How do you replenish, rejuvenate and restore and when is the last time you did this activity? How often do you take care of your needs? Are you centered and grounded or stressed and unorganized? How often do you ask for help or support?

If you have answered  Yes to any of these questions, it is time to take care of and nourish yourself. Learn how to:

  • develop daily plan how to cultivate inner peace and contentment in times of adversity with your child
  • develop a support system that assists you and your child
  • create healthy boundaries with others that maintain serenity and a drama free life
  • ask for help from others so that you can replenish and restore regularly
  • get rid of guilt and sorrow about your child’s condition
  • accept your child how he or she is with room for growth and improvement
  • get rid of anger and blame about your child’s condition
  • get your child on a regular daily routine
  • regulate your child’s sleep
  • facilitate a more happier, contented, and peaceful child
  • take care of your needs so you can be present and able for your child
  • spend quality time playing with child with your child setting the agenda
  • let go of expectations and enjoy interacting with child on a regular basis
  • create a peaceful home


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